New chalets and studios

Come see it!

Datum: 12-05-2019

From February 2019 to April 2019, the following works were completed at our park. It is the start of a new park, our dream to build something special.

We opt for a modern style with lots of wood, whereby the natural environment is respected as much as possible. Two types have been built; 4-person chalets of 70 m2 and 2-person studios of 30 m2. We have built the chalets according to the regulations of the building decree, it is important here that there is good insulation and ventilation.

The chalets are placed on different levels and we try to make it possible to “see through” as much as possible, because we have a beautiful view to our neighbor the Paardenkamp.

A photo presentation was made of the work. Click here to see it.